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Ryan Hartley

Show Host | Producer

Ryan Hartley, Also known as “The Computer Nerd”, “The Wine Connoisseur” and “Disney World Fact King”.   Home base of St. Petersburg, FL but has long ties in Ohio, Kentucky and Other places. 

Season 1 Co-Host:

Ashley Wright

Show Co-Host

Ashley Wright, also know as the “Regulator”, “Largest Fan of the Giants” and the “Whose Who of Compliance” .   Home base is St. Petersburg, FL but has shout-outs to Pittsburgh. 

Andrew Hardgrove

Show Co-Host

Andrew Hardgrove, the man with the wild shirts.  Also know as the “King of SEO” and one of the largest fans of Atlanta Falcons.   Home base in St. Petersburg, FL when hes not hanging with the WWE 

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